Musculoskeletal Therapy for a Life in Motion

About my practice


 I’d like to help you achieve your goals in movement and life

Welcome to my "Motion is life" webpage, with clinics conveniently located in the centre of Mullumbimby and Byron Bay. We both know that your health is not just about being pain free: it’s about connecting with the joy in movement with others or by yourself, in nature or in sports.

My aim is to empower you with body-knowledge and body-skills that are simple and efficient. My mission is to get my patients to their goals in a painless, compassionate, and effective way.


Dr Matthew Fourro (Osteopath)

I am a qualified Exercise scientist (BappSci Ex-man UQ) and Naturopath (BNat SCU). I integrate these modalities into practice.

I aim to educate my patients in a safe environment while offering them comprehensive care.

Exercise prescription and Lifestyle advice and Nutrition is given when needed.

I understand that many people have anxiety about manipulative treatment, so I've developed a range of manual therapy skills and exercises that effectively bypass the need should you feel (or I diagnose) it's not okay or contraindicated. By combining the latest medical knowledge with traditional techniques, I strive to give patients the best of care.

As long as I can remember, movement struck me as the most amazing wonderful thing. It was a small leap from there to wanting a career helping people get as much of it as they wanted.

Personally, my own interests are the internal martial arts, dancing, yoga, playing music and running around with my little boy are my mainstays today. But in yesteryears, surfing, swimming, cricket, basketball, hiking, kayaking, volleyball, high jump,and sprinting have all been previous obsessions.

Under “services”, some of the “tools of the trade” are listed. Following on this page is a description of the sports specific assessment work I do. This reflects my exercise science background, coloured by my osteopathic approaches.


Running retraining in stress fractures, tendon and muscle injuries

There are three general problematic gait patterns that can be retrained in a ten week period.

1) Knee medial collapse

2) Cross-over running gait

3) Over-striding

You cannot strength train your way out of running pattern errors. People frequently go ballistic with buttock and core strengthening with little result when its a movement pattern issue. You can get great biofeedback training to groove yourself a new efficient and safer running pattern. You'll run with less impact, more efficiently.

The critical key to this is practicing the new gait pattern correctly under feedback with gradual removal of the feedback as motor pattern corrections become self-sustaining.

As most runners suspect, with modifications, you can generally continue to run “through” injuries (with a few exceptions depending on the diagnosis but even here there are programs for this). I can help you through this in numerous ways. I'm not a running coach! But I'm happy to chat to your coach for advice, guidance and input.

TaiJi for begginers

TaiJi and other internal movement patterns like BaGua Nei Gong are holistic exercise for life.  I run simple movement forms for beginners for six week periods that teach the basic principles of movement structure inherent in all the internal martial arts forms. These principles of alignment and movement are also the ones I use as an osteopath and exercise scientist in clinic. Great for posture they also lend themselves to meditative movement and relaxation.

Learning TaiJi is a skill for life. It's invulnerable to exercise fashions. Its a skill with enduring meaningfulness and I've personally found the learning and enjoyment keeps unfolding. It becomes completely yours which is a big reason  I really enjoy sharing it-it's great to learn skills from others but I feel sad when I see people become dependent on experts to exercise. Learning a few simple principles removes the mystery and gives you the joy of self-empowerment for free for life. Really a useful and popular way for seniors to engage in movement for life. Please contact the mullumbimby medical center to place your details, the medical centers new open plan floor will be open for classes early 2019.



Swimmers Biomechanical assessment

Increasing Lift and decreasing Drag are the two general biomechanical goals of swimming performance (and enjoyment!)  I've trained to measure and assess the structure and function of swimmers to identify and treat these two limiting factors within a given individual. I am NOT an swimming coach, but I do work with them. Osteopathic adjustments can help you along that other non-manipulative approaches for swimmers don't use. However, corrective strengthening and endurance based exercises are absolutely integral to the session. You will get a head to toe assessment including the goniometric measure(a range of motion assessment tool) in relation to optimal measures for this sport. Also movement analysis and muscular strength and endurance assessment as it relates to swimming.


Off-bike cyclists assessment

Off-bike Cyclists Biomechanical assessment

Yes! It is important to assess specific cycling related range of motions across the body without the bike! Due to the closed-chain nature of cycling, you preferably get this done before you invest in a professional on-bike assessment.

Cyclists with riding related back, neck, knee and hand (for example, hand numbness)pain-especially where professional set-up has not helped, may find this useful.

Cyclists with special needs, such as in osteoarthritis in the hips, knees or back could find some answers to their discomfort. The problem may be in your own bodies "set-up". It may respond to manual therapy directed at improving the problem area and/or set exercise prescription goals to get you there.