Musculoskeletal Therapy for a Life in Motion

Musculoskeletal therapy


Soft tissue

Joint manipulation


Muscle energy technique

Balanced ligamentous technique

Myofascial trigger point release

Osteopathy in the cranial field 

Visceral and lymphatic manipulation


Postural integration 

I use digital technology to assess posture  A picture really is worth 1000 words  Really clear documentation of treatment efficacy and changes over time/situations affecting your structure

I use digital technology to assess posture

A picture really is worth 1000 words

Really clear documentation of treatment efficacy and changes over time/situations affecting your structure

People intuitively get that “good” posture is "good" for them. However, posture is often associated with a guilt trip from school or some other "authority" figure over your body.

Posture comes with a feeling. I'm interested in helping you connect to positive feeling image(s) that generate noticeable postural change for you, find the simplest exercises for you, and give your body the right hands-on input.You might be pleasantly surprised. I always aim to create changes you can feel in each session.



For both current patients and sometimes general community. Information to refresh understanding and skills in self-management. There is an ever-expanding variety of topics: Breathing and neck pain, postural alignment, foot strengthening , hip stretching routines for back maintenance, self-trigger pointing, pelvic balancing for yourself,Self-massage and release of the feet/lower leg....there's not enough space here to mention. Go check the blog and links and keep abreast by signing up in the medical centre for auto updates


Exercise prescription

I'm an exercise scientist. You're a person, not my experiment. You need only the exercise that gets you to your meaningful goals. You may be surprised by just how few exercises you need. Rotator cuff problems, hip issues, back issues, neck issues, headache issues, knee issues. Its just the raft that gets you over the river to the other side, to your meaningful movement. On the other hand if you want an exercise for life perhaps the TaiJi classes at the medical center are for you.


Nutritional advice

 I think most people these days know how to search Google. That's a sign they're motivated. I continue tostudy this area too. I've got a great grounding in biochemistry and physiology science and great connections with the the totally awesome Doctors at the Mullumbimby Medical Centre. Connective tissues form the basis of the musculoskeletal system and they are really responsive to what you eat or how you eat and to certain systemic issues that need more nutrients. I'm really happy to help you find your way with this one way or another with testing, dietary analysis, a great referral or general advice.


Temporomandibular dysfunction

I've taken a particular interest in providing manual therapy for people with this issue. I can help with capsular restrictions, muscular trigger points, breathing exercises to reduce stress associated jaw clenching, jaw opening and closing movement retraining, down training tight jaw muscles, and dietary advice in acutely painful situations. Don't forget upper neck extension and it's timing is crucial to the jaw opening cycle and may need diagnosis and treating too. If opening the jaw is painful, clunks, is restricted or associated with headaches, I may be able to help. Most of what you may need is under one roof. Shehab the dentist upstairs has a particular in this issue. 


Swimmers, Cyclists and Runners Biomechanic clinic


 Think of it like a wheel alignment and balance for your body for the type of vehicle and race track you're on. I am providing sports specific Range of Motion assessment/treatment necessary and optimal for what you are doing, and the way to get to optimal. This enables good technique to occur. Stress fractures and patella pain in runners, shoulder pain in swimmers, and a broad array of issues in cyclists are also directly related to biomechanics.


Lifestyle advice

Osteopathy is founded on the principle that the body is its own medicine chest. 

To that end we can support it with what we do and what we don't do. There are very often aggravating factors that can be uncovered and mitigated.

Or we find people and things that can help us. I often refer out to a variety of contacts I regard as knowledgeable and helpful that you may otherwise never come across.  

I don't lecture I don't guilt trip.  I listen and I share. You discover.

My naturopathic and exercise-science experience means there are many things you can query me about, or that I may let you know about.

I can help you choose exercise modalities, postural advice, ergonomic advice, nutrition and daily habits.